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It's going to be a long and rough road......

Puddles (Pic above) has been diagnosed with Liver Failure..... We took her to the vet Yesterday (Friday) where the vet said she gave Puddles a 50/50 chance and that was only if there was nothing wrong with her kidneys. She stayed the night and made it through. She was hooked up to an IV to keep her hydrated and she's been put on Appetite Enhancers to hopefully get her eating. As of right now, she's home though still not eating by herself. I have to feed her with a syringe. She still pretty yellow though getting some of her color back, which makes me very hopefully.
Although, she still doesn't have the energy to do much and is still pretty nauseated, she been purring a lot and has her happy face on a lot since she's come home this afternoon. She was very depressed and withdrawn before Friday. So seeing her happy keeps me hopeful still. :-)
She was also given an injection of Fluids under her skin to keep her hydrated for the next 48 hours. Which I have had great fun with. lol Because of it, she has this pocket of water on her left side. I like to poke it gently to watch it jiggle. lol And Puddles being Puddles doesn't care. :-)
She's going back to the vet's on Monday for a follow-up exam and test results. We still don't really know what's wrong, however, her condition is reversible because we caught it soon enough. Her liver just needs to get jump started again. lol But hopefully we will have more answers on Monday.
Hopefully, she will start eating on her own again in a few days.
The vet was saying that they just had a similar case come in a few days ago and the cat is fine now and eating on his own. Which also makes me hopeful for Puddles.

I purchased the best Insurance Plan I could for her today as well. So her future vet visits will be covered. And if she needs surgery for any reason (She also has a history of problems with her bladder) the cost will be 80% covered by her insurance.
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Trip to the hospital (abscess)

Alright. So as you know I had to go on antibiotics..... they didn't help. Went back to the hospital today..... or I guess it was yesterday now..... on Wednesday. Anyway, went back because it was just too painful. Not anywhere near as painful as it was 3 years ago, but I wasn't going to let it get to that point. So Bree and I went to the hospital at 830am. I broke out into several short lived but severe panic attacks and was scared to death about having to get it lanced. (And just in case you're thinking, oh shut up, it's just a tiny nick with the scalpel and you're done.' Here's what happened the first time I had to get it lanced: Panic attack worthy don't you think?)
So many times, I was ready to just turn around and be like "fuck this" and go home. I didn't want to be there. I didn't want to get it lanced (well, I did. But you know). I just wanted to go home....
So finally, I go in. (I had to be transferred from one hospital to another before the first one we went to wasn't equipped for what I needed to be done.) I go into the room, Bree needs to confirm my info at restration and then is told once I'm settled, she'll be called in to see me. Well, this didn't happened. The minutes go by and I start to get more and more panicky. Though I try myself hardest to stay calm. Bree finally had to go to a nurse and be like "Hey, My girlfriend is in there, probably out of her mind b/c I'm not there. When can I go in?" So they finally let her in to see me. I'm hooked up to a heart monitor and an IV drip with pain killers. I think it was close to an hour before she came in to see me. (No one called her in like they said they would) But the guy next to me was really funny to listen to, so I kept myself calm by listening to him talk to the nurses. BUt I still cried a few times cuz Bree wasn't there.
So.............. I lost my train of thought. lol
So then (I think) after another hour or so, they have to kick Bree out because they're ready to put me under. Oh yeah! I forgot to mention, I demanded to be put out b/c of what happened 3 years ago.
Anyway, They put this stuff in my IV that burned like a MoFo and then after the burning it was all kinda a blur. Apparently, I wasn't completely out when they injected the freezing in the abscess and cried bloody murder, but I don't remember doing that.
Next thing I remember is waking up and asking for Bree. "Can my girlfriend come in yet?" lol I think I actually asked for her twice, b/c the first time I wasn't if I actually said it or just thought I did. :-p
I do, however, remember asking if it was done. I think that was one of the first things I said. "Are we done?" Like I was surprised to discover that it was over. lol
So then After waking up a little more and fighting some nausea (I felt like I had been drinking for hours on end. At first I felt drunk but without the nausea and then the nausea hit. That was not fun. but anyway.) I was sent home. We go home at 330pm. I was at the hospital for the ENTIRE day. And, of course, I slept some more when I go home. I woke up about 2 hours ago. And now I'm going back to bed, Cuz I'm still sleepy.

And that's my story. lol

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Putting Garlic on your ass is not as easy as you would think.

Let me explain:

Many of you know about my cyst and how it can get so irritated it becomes an abscess. For those of you who do not I'll explain briefly. I have a cyst the base of my tail bone that acts sometimes and produces an abscess. I need to get surgery to remove it but my current doctor is an ass and refused to recommend me to a surgeon. I am going to Tuesday to a clinic where you can put your name in and they find a new doctor for you. But I digress a little, the abscess can be very painful even at it's smallest. Before it flared up to an abscess the first time, I always thought I was bruising my tailbone because of the way that I sat or the horseback riding that I did. But no, it was the unknown cyst.

So anyway, back to the present.
It's acting up again. It's not so bad size wise. There's hardly a bump at all, but for some reason it's very painful. Just as painful as it was the week before I had to get it lanced for the first time.
Well, I have absolutely no desire to go through what I did the first time it got REALLY bad. (It grew to the size of a golf ball and I had to get it lanced without freezing because the freezing did nothing because it was so big.)
So I've doing the stuff I normally do when it starts to get sore; keep it dry and cool. Put Ice on it and that Icy muscle rub stuff on it to keep it cool. Make sure I sit on my hip more than my ass to keep pressure off it, etc.
Nothing has seemed to help.
So I went online to see if I can find an herb that will draw out infection. After several minutes of searching I read that Garlic is great for reoccurring Abscess and boils. So I go the kitchen and make a paste with the garlic clove I have. And put it on my ass where the pain is. OKay no problem. It feels cool and wet, no biggy. I walk back to the livingroom and start playing on my computer. About a minute later I'm like "Huh. Interesting." My girlfriend asks, "What?"
"Well, it kinda stings a little," shrug, "But it' fine." After I say that, it stings a little more. Now it feel like I put that icy rub on it. Now it still feels like that but it's growing in intensity. Getting more intense, more intense. Holy shit! This really fucking hurts now! BUt I'm stubborn and want the garlic to work, so I do what the info told me; keep it on for 5 or more minutes. OMG! 5 minutes is like an hour to me! Finally I get to run to the bathroom and wipe it off. And of course, that hurts cuz of whatever the garlic's doing and because it's tender and sore to the touch. But I wipe all the garlic off after whining and whimpering in pain. And now we're back to just feeling like I have that icy rub on it. I can deal with that.

But fuck! Who knew that garlic was capable of doing that!? And I gotta do it again tomorrow and until it goes away. Fun wow! -_-
Well, it beats having to lance it again. :-p

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I'm a bad bad X Men fan.....

For the LIFE of me I can't remember Logan's last name. (Wolverine.) I know his real name is James Howlett. But for the life of me I can't remember his last name as Logan. I fail so hard.


Are we ready for a big, long, rambly post?

So. Today at work I had to pee. lol Wait there's more. Because working at Swiss Chalet is so fucking draining and boring and most of the time I end up standing around with absolutely nothing to do and feeling absolutely useless and think to myself 'Why am I here? there's nothing for me to do.' most of the time; i drink a lot of pop. 7up mostly, but that's not the point. The point is because I drink a lot of 7up at work, I have to pee a lot. So I go about every half hour to an hour. Today was no different. I had to pee, so I went. Half an hour later, I gotta pee again. And guess what? :O half an hour after that, I have to pee again!
So I'm on my third trip to the bathroom. I'm sitting in the bathroom room stall, minding my own business while I do my business, I'm just about to wipe when one of my bosses sticks her head in the washroom. "Jaime? Are you okay?" I reply: "Yeah." And think 'why wouldn't I be?'
So I finish doing what I gotta do and it's not until I'm washing my hands that I realize: She must have seen me going to washroom 3 times in an hour and a half and wanted to make sure I was feeling well. At first, one would think 'how nice. Your boss cares if you're not feeling well.' But as I thought about this more I grew more and more angry and annoyed and my finally thought on this situation was; "I've been working here for 6 month and you're just now realizing that I piss every half hour!?" I hate my job. I hate the people I work with. And I especially hate it when I call in with a fever of 103 and my boss (the same one that asked if I was okay) gets pissed off at me and asks why I can't come in. (After I've told her I had a fever of 103.)

One the flip side: I was employed at Perkins (another restaurant) on Sunday and it looks like I will be working at least 30 hours a week there. I still have to talk to my new boss about that to make sure that my hours will stay the same.
Bree has an interview at a winery on Saturday and she will most likely get the job.
Conclusion? BYE BYE SWISS CHALET! *evil snicker* I'll be glad to be rid of you!

In other news, I've decide to do a massive f-list sweep. There are some people I never talk to and have no idea why I added them to my f-list. And there are a couple who I have been friends with in the past and have decided their not worth my while anymore. I'm tired of trying to put forth an effort when they refuse to. i.e./ make tentative plans with them, they say they'll call me and let me know what's going on. The night of the plans rolls around and I've heard butt fuck nothing from them. That's right, I said 'butt fuck nothing'. lol So I have decided to 'cut the cord' as some may say. We we're friend for a long time, it was fun. But it seems you've moved on and so it's time for me to do the same.
So if this is the last entry you're able to read from my LJ, you've probably been cut.

And in other ramblings: One of my best friends has decided to pick up and go live in Montreal. Which, okay fine. You gotta do what you gotta do. You were guaranteed a job there, so I understand the move.
What I don't understand is why you never told me or really anyone else save perhaps the people you lived with.
There was never any last get togethers to see you off. Nothing.
Last time I checked, you were over visiting your uncle. It was rumored he offered you a job and you were thinking about it.
So a few weeks later, we get in touch with you to invite you to a house warming party and that's when we find out?
I mean, I know we really haven't been friends for a huge amount of time. But the limited time we have been friends, we've been through a lot together. And I mean A LOT! We were sitting shot gun to each others' emotional roller coasters making sure that the other would make it out okay. I'm not saying that I'm pissed off with you or anything. I am a little annoyed and really hurt. I'm going to miss you a lot and I would have liked to hang out one more time before you left. Or at least been told you were leaving before you actually moved completely over there.

Moving on:

For the most part my relationship has improved with the move. Bigger place gives us more space when we need it. One of us can be sleeping and the other can still be up watching TV or on the comp and it doesn't bother the other person. Why? We're in separate rooms! yay! lol
However, there are a few tiny tiny tiny things that annoy me. I try to ignore it because, seriously, they are really tiny things. Like a GF getting annoyed at the BF for always leaving the toilet seat up, tiny. But sometimes it's hard, especially when I'm tired. And we all know that when we're tired the smallest thing can turn into a tiny cluster fuck. lol
And then I try to think of ways to bring it up and not insult or embarrass her in anyway. I think that reason is the reason I've been trying to ignore them as much as I do. And really, it's nothing that will turn into a explosion later. As I said, they're tiny little things. But..... I am an Aquarius and we're notorious for bring up the tiny insignificant things during a fight, even if it has nothing to do with the topic. lol :-p

And jumping to the next topic:

I've been searching for another Mutli-fandom RP to join again. :-p I know, i know. I go through really weird RP phases. But come on, let's face it. I miss my crack. lol I would join Moksa again, but I fear it's not what it used to be and that makes me sad. :-(
Though I did find a Prince of Tennis based University game. I've contacted the mod and asked if I could bring Kain from The Sex Therapist in. lol I think he'd make an awesome sex ed teacher. LOL! But I'm still waiting to hear back from her. :-p so we shall see.
I've also joined a vampire rp based on the TV show The Real World. lol! I looked like awesome crack! So I joined as Aro from the Twilight saga. Tehehehehehe. :-p
It should be fun.

And....... I think that's it for now. :->

Stolen from zellie_kinneas

1. Go to your desktop and press the Print Scrn key (located on the right side of the F12 key).
2. Open a graphics program (like Picture Manager, Paint, or Photoshop) and doing a Paste (CTRL + V).
3. Post the picture on your blog. You can also give a short explanation on the look of your desktop if you want. You can explain why you prefer such a look or why it is full of icons. Things like that.
4. Tag five of your friends and ask them to give you a Free View of their desktops as well.

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I tag anyone who wants to do it